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Why People Choose Me...

My clients appreciate someone who can get to the issue in the first session, they want a coach who is quick and can track the complexities of a conversation easily.

Organisations choose me to coach leaders who:

  • need psychological support and coping strategies during a time of organisational or personal crisis,

  • would be easier to work with if they developed more self awareness,

  • need a coach they can easily open-up with, even if that's normally not the case,

  • will progress if they develop the mindset of more senior leaders,

  • would shine if they developed more confidence,

  • need an objective and wise sounding board to keep them on track.

Developing stretch and insight

Giving you exactly what you need

Coaches choose me to supervise them because I am:

  • a coach with over twenty years' experience in the field,

  • running my own successful coaching company entirely focussed on coaching,

  • assessing coaches for the Academy of Executive Coaching,

  • a coach with a strong psychological understanding of the coach-client dynamic,

  • open and generous in sharing my own experience and learning,

  • able to support a range of coaching approaches and levels of experience,

  • interested in the whole experience of the coach, beyond the client relationship,

  • flexible with regard to format, time and frequency.

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