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"Lizzie has undertaken extensive coaching for many of my top performing, high potential senior management direct reports, across multiple businesses I have worked for, including HSBC, Global Payments, Worldpay and EVO Payments, adding significant value in their development and contribution to the business. She is extremely personable and easy to engage with, but very inquisitive and focused and provides direct feedback, input and support, that adds material thought provoking, action based insights to generate rounded business and personal development for her clients."


Darren Wilson

President International, EVO Payments Inc

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Clients choose me because I bring wise, challenging authenticity into each coaching relationship

which enables individuals and organisations to thrive financially and psychologically.

I provide:

  • Coaching for leaders

  • Coaching skills training for leaders

  • Action learning sets for managers and leaders

  • Supervision for coaches

  • Professional development programme for coaches

  • Face to face/online/phone

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